If you experience orofacial pain, such as that caused by TMJ disorders, our dentist and team can help! We offer several neuromuscular treatments to help alleviate your discomfort and improve your overall health, oral function and quality of life. To learn more about treatments for orofacial pain in Arlington and Ashburn, Virginia, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Hani Hanna, call Grace TMJ and Urgent Dental Care Inc today at 703-469-7435.

We do not just focus on the health of your smile. Neuromuscular dentistry helps make sure that the bone, muscles, teeth and jaw work smoothly with one another so you can enjoy optimal health and function for your smile. We may examine your head, jaw, neck and overall bodily posture as part of your treatment. Our dentist and team focus on the balance of the muscles and the stability of your bite to bring things back into harmony.

When your bodily structures are not in balance, you may:

  • Experience jaw pain
  • Have frequent headaches
  • Experience neck and shoulder pain
  • Experience pain and ringing in the ears
  • Experience facial pain
  • Hear grinding, clicking and popping sounds in the jaw
  • Have a hard or painful time chewing
  • Have teeth that feel more sensitive

With neuromuscular dentistry, we can help align the jaw and correct your bite to create the optimal bite conditions, relieve symptoms and enhance oral health. If you would like to learn more about neuromuscular dentistry, call us today!