Dr. Zaher Aymach may recommend a bone graft if your supporting bone tissue has deteriorated. Bone grafting is often recommended prior to receiving a dental implant but may also be provided as a result of periodontal disease or another issue. To schedule a consultation with our oral surgeon and find out more about bone grafting in Arlington and Ashburn, Virginia, contact Grace TMJ and Urgent Dental Care Inc at 703-469-7435.

Having a missing tooth or experiencing periodontal disease can cause your jawbone to break down, or resorb, which increases the risk of losing more teeth. To restore your oral health, we can make your jawbone denser through bone grafts.

When performing a bone graft, our oral surgeon will add pieces of bone to your jawbone. We may use bone fragments taken from your own body or a tissue bank, or we may even use artificially created bone. The jawbone integrates with the grafted material, which makes the jawbone stronger.

If you are interested in receiving a dental implant, you may need to undergo bone grafting first if your jawbone has started resorbing or is simply not dense enough to support a dental implant. Bone grafting helps create a stable foundation for your implant, allowing you to enjoy a restored smile.

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